Dusting out the cobwebs, it’s been awhile!

As I was sitting here reading my past blogs, I just wanted to share that God has ended my storm, awhile back actually 🙂 He has answered my every prayer in the situation. I have remained faithful and hopeful through it all. Never doubting and always knowing it would be in God’s timing not mine and not his. Things had to happen to get to where we are today. I don’t like that it happened but I know it had to happen.

Life throws us many curves and you just have to learn to roll with the punches and know that God is in control.

I never doubted that we weren’t meant to be, I never waivered on my love for him and I never once gave up on us. Back in September he gave me the most amazing birthday ever, a day all about ME , the only day I allow it to be about me. It’s one day I will never forget. On Thanksgiving Day, he asked me to marry him! 6 1/2 years after we met. I always thought I wasn’t good enough for him but I was always patiently waiting for him to ask me, never pressuring, never forcing the issue. I’m not sure what changed his outlook, only that what we went through made him see what he risked losing.

I can’t explain my love for him, there are no words to accurately describe it i’ve never felt this way about anyone before. It’s a feeling of completion when I am with him and a feeling of being incomplete when I am not.

I look forward to the day when we can finally be together. To face whatever this crazy thing called life throws at US together. I’m sure the ride isn’t over by a long shot and we will have many ups and downs but together we can concur this never ending ride.

Stay Faithful and stay Hopeful! Keep on keeping on and God will get you where you are meant to be! 🙂


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