Dear Lord,

I have been patient for a long long time, waiting for your timing. When will that be? I’m getting weary and some days I know I’m holding on by a thread but I refuse to give up. I’m fighting for what my heart wants. HE is WORTH the fight … I know he is … I know in the end of this storm we will be much better .. it’s just getting through it that’s the rough part. Leaning on you Lord to get me through and show me strength when I am weak.





No one knows the torture I am in

I smile, I laugh, I grin

Underneath the surface, the devil taunts me

Barely hanging on to what I know to be true and all that it can be

I reach up and pray to God, Dear Lord please get US through

Take these thoughts of mine and toss them away

Take ALL obstacles soon or even today

Have mercy and make this storm end

For I can’t handle just being a “friend”

After 6 years, I deserve more than that

I don’t know how to tell him what I feel

How he hurt me, how it’s all so surreal

In his state of mind, I don’t think it even matters

I see brief periods where he lets me in, my heart melts when he winks and smiles

I miss his kiss, I miss his hand




Loving him and standing beside him through it ALL. Believing and knowing in the end it will be him and I and better than before.