Tomboys …

You Know You Have A Tomboy When…..

1. When she gives herself whiplash while horse-playing around with water and a slide

2. When she loves 4-wheelers and dirt bikes and begs for one every time we pass one

3. When she runs through a cornfield barefoot chasing after a dog only to result in stepping on a cornstalk and cutting her foot (only in Indiana right?)

4. When she ends up with a broken foot from a 4 wheeler accident


5. When she climbs to the top of pine trees

6. When she would rather play in the mud than with make up

7. When she’s had more sprained ankles than I can even remember and we’ve had and used crutches every year since the 2nd grade (she’s now a sophomore!)

All these things resemble my tomboy. While she is tomboy about 75% of the time, I am able to see the girly girl side of her from time to time. When she dances, when she does wear make-up , when she dresses up for winter formal or other special dances


It’s all a good balance for her, whether she’sĀ  tomboy one day and girly girl the next I love her with everything in me. Though, the tomboy in her definitely keeps me on my toes and I’m sure the ER in business lol šŸ™‚

The important thing is I allow her to be who she is. I don’t fuss because she isn’t girly enough and I don’t fuss because she’s a lot of tomboy .. I get the best of both worlds with her. I always support her in the the decisions she makes, even when I know it isn’t the right one šŸ™‚ The key is to step back and allow her to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them, yet being there to catch her if she falls.